No Cost Anatomical Donation / Cremation

Through our various partnerships, Jansen Funeral Home is now able to provide  Michigan families the option of 
No-Cost Cremation with one of various leading research providers across the country.

Many families have found great comfort in knowing that they receive free assistance in handling social security benefits, life insurance claims, veterans benefits and much more when selecting our No-Cost option through our funeral home.  They experience compassion when dealing with any of the family counselors and the knowledge of licensed funeral director when working with our funeral home.

We strongly encourage families that are considering anatomical donation to contact us prior to a death occurring. We can gather the necessary information, conduct any required pre-screening, and help answer any
questions about the events that will take place when we are called on.

Your Gift to Future Generations

There is simply no adequate replication for the human body when it comes to teaching and research. The gift of donation provides the ability to find cures for debilitating conditions such as cancer and Alzheimer’s among many others. Donations are also important to develop new medicines, study human anatomy and practice and perfect new surgical procedures.

Each donation is highly valued and treated with the utmost humanity, compassion and respect. Most people are eligible for donation regardless 
of their age, disease, or state of health.

The generous gift of body after death is a compassionate alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation. All costs that are associated with donation which include: transportation, cremation, and timely return of cremated remains to family (if requested) are covered in our program.

The extra care through Jansen Family Funeral Home is true.