Care-Free Cremation™

In order to ensure that our clients have the highest degree of confidence in our cremation services, we have developed our own process here in Michigan. 

Our exclusive Care-Free Cremation™ Process in which your family may take an active part in, will reassure families that their loved one is handled in the most professional and compassionate manner.

Please note that the state of Michigan has what we call an "anti combo law".  This means a funeral home is not allowed to own or operate a cemetery or crematory, nor can a cemetery or crematory operate a funeral home.  
We believe this is a wonderful check and balance for the both the crematory and funeral home providing services.  The crematories our providers utilize are of the highest standards and open to all families for inspection.  In order to provide privacy and dignity to those they are caring for, we ask that you please contact us to schedule an appointment or notify us at the time of death should you wish to fully participate in our Care-Free Cremation™ Process.

Important Steps of the Care-Free Cremation™ Process

  1. At the time of death, all identification bands are checked at any care facility, and a loved ones identity is confirmed should the death occure at home. An identification band is placed on the deceased when returning to the funeral home.

  2. The cremation container is fully labeled with your loved ones name and they are placed into our secure holding area or refrigeration.

  3. Your loved one is logged into our system.

  4. A licensed funeral director reviews all the cremation paperwork and permits to ensure that proper authorization and permits have been received.

  5. If you wish, up to family members are welcomed to meet us at the crematory for a pre-cremation inspection.  You will have the opportunity, if desired, to see the that the cremation chamber is clean and empty and to see the cremation container enter the cremation chamber.  You are then welcome to wait in the family area until the cremation process is complete and receive your loved one's cremains without delay the same day. A crematory operator will be available to answer any questions you may have.

  6. Upon arrival to the crematory, the cemetery administration reviews the authorizations and permit. The deceased is then logged into their system for processing.

  7. A non-combustible ID tag is placed with your loved one and noted throughout the entire process until the cremation is complete. At that time the cremains are ready for the family to take, or returned to the funeral home to be picked up by the family, or to be mailed, or to be placed into the urn that a family chose.

Sunset Hills Association

The crematory we use is modern and very well maintained. Unlike most crematories; The family waiting area is beautifully furnished, providing family members a peaceful place to reflect while waiting to receive their loved ones cremains back the same day.  The waiting area is completely handicap accessible, including the private restroom.