History Of Our Funeral Home

Columbiaville's first funeral home was first established in 1909 by Fred Carl, the town jeweler.  At that time the funeral home was located in a brick building on First Street where the local doctor, Dr. Chapin, also maintained his medical practice.

In May of 1935, Ray McPherson purchased the funeral home then moved the business to the former Dr. Conley residence two years later. This is still the current location today. With the help of his wife Jane, the McPherson's operated the funeral home for about twelve years expanding its size with an addition prior to selling it to Herbert Reynolds in 1947.

Mr. Reynolds operated both the funeral home and the local ambulance service until late 1963 when he returned to his home town Lowell.  Ward Newton who owned and operated the Baird-Newton Funeral Home in Lapeer purchased the location at that time.  The funeral home continued to grow, and about a decade later Mr. Newton added on the last of the additions, which in total made the funeral home just shy of  its 6500 SQ Ft. today.

In 2001, Dan Jansen purchased the funeral home, and changed its name to Jansen Family Funeral Home. The funeral home has been remodeled extensively over the past decade, along with landscaping that has made the funeral home one of the most beautiful landmarks in downtown Columbiaville. 

Today our funeral home is an area leader in providing a variety of quality services, such as funeral luncheons, a motorcycle hearse, and an array of other personalized services that have helped families create memorable and lasting tributes to their loved ones.

In late 2004, a portion of our business was redirected to serve families who desired a simpler and less expensive cremation or funeral service as opposed to the traditional funeral home.  Over the past few years we have continued to develop a number of funeral care packages that meet the general desires of the public.

In early 2008, Daniel Jansen founded the Michigan Cremation & Burial Services Network to further provide families affordable cremation and burial options.  This network consists of licensed family owned funeral homes across Michigan dedicated to the families they serve.  Over the last few years, the Michigan Cremation & Burial Services Network have developed the Honors program for veterans and Green Passages for those wanting an earth friendly option. This network is made up of many of the states leading funeral directors and continues to grow in size every year. 

At Jansen Family Funeral Home, we are proud to provide funeral service to the residents of Columbiaville and its surrounding communities. We believe in treating your family with the same care and compassion that we show our own. It is an honor and privilege to care for every family we serve.