Tribute Gallery

A funeral is more than just a way to say goodbye; it's an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone special. Today, a funeral can be as unique as the individual who is being honored. From simple touches like displaying personal photographs to events created around a favorite pastime, funerals can reflect any aspect of a person’s life and personality. Jansen Family Funeral Home offers many ways to help honor your loved one and create a unique service.

Here are some options for personalization:

Specialized Hearse: We offer families the option of an Antique Hearse, Horse Drawn Hearse, or even a Motorcycle Hearse to lead the procession.

Butterfly or Dove Release: Watch these beautiful creatures ascend into the air adding symbolic beauty to the final goodbye of your loved one.

Life Tribute Video:
This video uses photographs provided by the family to create cinema quality videos for viewing during the services and at home. 
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Blooming Heart Cards: A unique item featuring a blooming heart full of wild flower seeds personalized with your loved ones name.

Military Honors: A sense of strength and glory for those who served a grateful nation.

Tribute Candle: The serenity of candle light personalized with a loved ones photo to commemorate a life well lived.

Memorial Tree Planting: A way of remembering a loved one that gives back to nature, and creates beauty for all to enjoy.

Precious Memories Jewelry: The grace and beauty of a gold or silver pendant adorned with an impression of your loved ones thumb print.

Bag Piper: The mystic sounds of a single bagpiper playing musical tributes that all will remember.

Personalized Thank You Cards: A personalized acknowledgement card featuring the family's name printed below a verse of thanks.

Balloon Release: A personalized array of options for those wanting a balloon release in remembrance of a loved one. All balloons are biodegradable and will not harm the environment.